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Technologies like AI, deep learning, and blockchain are becoming a part of the financial landscape. The future is bright with the potential impact technology can have on finance, and the following events are just the few of the many events in conferences taking place in 2018.
 The AI Congress, London, January 30-31
 The congress centres on looking at how deep learning and AI are changing the world and how business is carried out. There are over 100 speakers for this event, including from organisations like KPMG, Bank of England, Facebook, Google, Lloyds Banking Group, and Smedvig Capital. This is a great opportunity to network with industry leaders, practitioners, and investors.
AI and Sentiment Analysis in Finance, Hong Kong, March 7
This Hong Kong event explores and interrogates the implication of AI in the financial services sector. It also helps attendees navigate the wave of discussion around AI by showing attendees the true possibilities of the technology versus the hype. The event will show participants how they can use the technology to benefit their companies. The conference will also specifically cover AI and fintech, and feature leading speakers from the US, UK, India, and Hong Kong.
Re-Work Deep Learning in Finance Summit, London, March 15-16
Re-Work is at the top of the list of companies specialising in AI and deep learning events. At this event, the company will highlight deep learning applications in finance, covering topics like pattern recognition in financial times series, blockchain, and stock market prediction. If you’re interested in more of their events, follow this link.
Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018, San Francisco, April 12
The conference is run by BootstrapsLabs and is in its third year. It caters to those interested in being up-to-date with AI technology and products from a number of perspectives—business, investing, entrepreneurship, research, and more. This year, the conference will focus on the current and potential future impact AI can have across a number of sectors. These include finance, cybersecurity, healthcare, future of work, and transportation. Speakers include Lanny Cohen, group CTO for Capgemini, a company that is a Holland FinTech member.
O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, Beijing, April 10-13, New York April 29-May 2, San Francisco, September 4-7, London, October 8-11
 These conferences give in-depth technical insight into what is occurring at the cutting edge of AI. However, they vary enough to be relevant to individuals on the business and technical sides of operations.
World Blockchain Forum: Investments and ICOs, Dubai, April 16-17
This event targets investors and CEOs who want to dig deeper into emerging technologies, network, and find new investment opportunities. Topics covered include bitcoin, blockchain, ethereum, investing, ICOs, regulation, startups and more.

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