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Top Capital Market events for 2018

Over the course of last year, we have seen a notable increase in fintech developments in the realm of capital markets. Advances in fintech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), distributed ledgers and cloud technologies have helped deliver innovative solutions to complex front, middle and back office problems. In anticipation of an even more illustrious year ahead, Holland FinTech has compiled a list of the top capital market events to attend this year.

World Capital Markets Symposium, 6th-7th February, Kuala Lumpur

Organized by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), the fifth World Capital Markets Symposium (WCMS) brings together global thought leaders biennially providing a platform to promote informed discussion about current capital market trends by prominent policy makers, thought leaders and key industry experts. Speakers include Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis, former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark and International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) chairman Ashley Ian Alder. More information here.

Capital Markets Summit, 8th February, Paris

For the third consecutive year, POLITICO and the AGEFI will be jointly presenting the Capital Markets Summit. The summit features industry leaders and policymakers who will discuss Europe’s path to spurring economic growth, innovation, and investment in its ever-evolving capital markets ecosystem. More information, including the full list of discussion topics, available here.

2018 CEPS Finance Lab: Europe Back on Track, 22nd-23rd February, Belgium

Organized by the European Capital Markets Institute, the CEPS Finance Lab is a two day conference which features discussions between Europe’s top decision makers and thinkers about all the major capital market issues confronting the European Union. Scheduled topics include regulatory compliance, Brexit’s repercussions and the European Banking Union. More information here.

Risk, Regulation and Capital Markets, 15th March, London

The Chatham House ‘City Series’ conference will explore how the post-Brexit regulatory landscape is being defined as it stands – one year into the formal two year negotiation period. The conference also seeks to assess the future repercussions of Brexit on international financial institutions, investors and global capital markets in a shifting political and regulatory environment. More information here.

Capital Markets Innovation Summit, 26th-27th September, London

The Capital Markets Innovation Summit will explore the current benchmarks in capital market digitalisation :from machine learning/AI and advanced data analytics to organizational set-up and change management, blockchain and all things fintech. The summit features more than 45 investment bank innovation leaders who will be sharing their experiences on implementing digitalisation and organisational change across their front and middle offices. More information here.

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