Belgian Bank KBC uses WhatsApp for customer questions

Belgian Bank KBC uses WhatsApp for customer questions

The Belgian bank has recently integrated the app into its KBC Live service. The service allows customers ask agents questions. Within a week of its launch, the bank handled almost 500 questions and gave almost 2,000 answers to questions regarding insurance and common banking issues.

KBC Live is available from 0800-2200 during weekdays and 0900-1700 on weekends. The bank also has a similar commercial service for its business clients.

Speaking about the integration of WhatsApp, Karin van Hoek, Mobile First manager at KBC, remarks:

“Our customers have been able to chat with us for some time. WhatsApp is a very fast and easy to access chat app that’s already familiar and intuitive to many of our customers. . . We want to give our customers the ability to contact us in a variety of ways. From good-old fashioned branch or insurance agency visits to contact through our website, mobile and touch apps or KBC Live for online banking, we want to be there for them. Messaging services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp fit right in.”

She also notes that the bank is testing the messaging platform first with its Dutch-speaking customers. The service will then be rolled out for the other official languages – French and German.

The bank is also introducing other non-banking activities to its app. More information is here.

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