Innopay & partners launch a data sharing scheme for logistics

Innopay & partners launch a data sharing scheme for logistics

Innopay, a digital transaction consultancy firm, has co-developed with stakeholders in the transport and logistics sector the iSHARE scheme. This scheme is designed to remove obstacles that hinder data sharing between parties by simplifying the process.

Available only in the Netherlands for time being, iSHARE is a Logistics Top Sector initiative aimed at stimulating supply chain collaboration. Starting in the summer of 2016, Innopay and dozens of both public & private-sector partners within the transport and logistics sector began to develop a uniform set of agreements or scheme for identity and access management between organisations.  Currently, all the legal, technical, operational and functional aspects have been finalized and tested, enabling the launch of iSHARE in the Dutch logistics and transport sector.

Due to the commitments undertaken by the Netherlands as part of the Paris Climate Agreement, the logistics and transport sector must reduce its CO 2 emissions by 60%. Achieving this goal requires the intensive cooperation of supply chain partners in the horizontal as well as vertical dimension of the supply chain. By making data sharing possible in a simple and controlled manner, iSHARE removes an important obstacle in reaching that goal.

Innopay’s CEO & Managing Partner Shikko Nijland stated that: “We’re immensely proud of the result of the co-creation process. Thanks to their enthusiasm, energy and focus over the past 18 months, the co-creation partners have developed this cornerstone of the iSHARE network of trusted partners which will further improve supply chain collaboration by enabling everyone to share data with everyone else”.  The iSHARE scheme is scheduled to go international later this year.

For the press release, click here

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