IHS Markit Best Data Provider for Fixed Income and Credit

IHS Markit Best Data Provider for Fixed Income and Credit

IHS Markit has received the title of Best Data Provider for Fixed Income and Credit at the 2018 Fund Technology and WSL Awards. The Holland FinTech member is a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions. IHS Markit’s customers are in business, finance and government.

The 2018 Fund Technology and WSL Awards were announced in New York on the 7th of February. The awards seek to recognize successful and innovative information providers, technology providers and data specialists. Candidates must demonstrate exceptional customer service and innovative product development over the past 12 months. Innovation is the highest quality.

Kiet Tran is managing director and global head of Pricing and Reference Data at IHS Markit. He told Bobsguide he is proud ‘IHS Markit offers the most in-depth pricing and reference data across asset classes, which helps firms determine the daily value and liquidity of securities.’ IHS Markit provides independent pricing and liquidity data for fixed income instruments. This data supports functions such as risk management, price verification, compliance and trading workflows.

See other winners for best data solutions, risk solutions, etc. here. IHS Markit was offered many awards in 2017, including being among the top ten of the RiskTech100.

By Grace Appleford, Research Analyst

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