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The run-up to Money20/20 Europe

Money20/20 Europe begins June 4th in Amsterdam at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. Despite the conference that puts the future of money front and centre being months away, a kick-off meetup and preparatory roadshows are paving the path to the expansive three-day event.  

On January 12th, Holland FinTech and Money20/20 cooperated in organizing a meetup in Amsterdam. The event welcomed Money20/20 to the Netherlands and helped familiarise them with the Netherlands’ fintech landscape. Over 300 guests were in attendance, and the lively atmosphere was punctuated by a fireside chat between Holland FinTech founder Don Ginsel and Pat Patel, content director of Money20/20 Europe and Asia.  At the meetup, they explained that the Money20/20 event targets entities such as banks, NGOs, data companies, payments solutions providers, retailers, mobile, investors, governments, and that banking and payments will be key themes, along with regulation and regtech.

On January 22nd, Holland Fintech and Money20/20, in cooperation with NatWest, held their first Roadshow in the form of a fintech pub quiz in London. The night tested participants’ knowledge on the most important topics in the fintech sector.

Moving forward, Holland Fintech, Money20/20 and a host of other partners will organize a fintech meetup in Zurich, which is a part of the Money20/20 Roadshow programme. This Zurich gathering is also part of Holland FinTech’s Swiss Trade Mission. The Trade Mission brings together delegates from the Dutch fintech scene, Swiss companies, investors, fintech experts, and corporate innovators in an effort to build bridges between the fintech communities in the two countries.

The next stops for the roadshow after Zurich will be Paris and Frankfurt and will create similar environments that bring together different actors in the fintech sectors in France and Germany to make connections and, of course, discuss the future of payments.

After the preparation events spanning Europe, Money20/20 will begin on June 4th. The packed agenda covers topics such as PSD2, GDPR, blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial inclusion, digital transformation, and more. Over 350 speakers will take stage at this event attended by the entire span of the financial services industry, including Google, Klarna, ING, and Atos.

You can register for Money20/20 here and contact us for an exclusive discount code.

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