ABN Amro’s Tikkie app expands to Germany

ABN Amro’s Tikkie app expands to Germany

ABN Amro’s Dutch payments app ‘Tikkie’ is launches in Germany this week, after receiving proof of concept in the Netherlands. ABN Amro’s subsidiary MoneYou will market the German version of the app, which is almost identical to the Dutch version. The app provides a user friendly way for people to ask money back they lent to friends or acquaintances.


According to ABN Amro, Tikkie has built up a user base of over 2 million users in one and a half years. The app’s popularity with so many users is partially attributable to their receptivity to direct feedback from their customers. Next to consumers, Tikkie is also focusing on the businesses as the app is currently engaged in projects with, among others, Transavia, Hello Fresh, Ajax and Warchild. In the business segment, Tikkie will be pitted against other payment heavyweights, such as PayPal and credit card companies.


The Dutch version of the app allows users with active bank accounts to conduct transactions through iDeal. However, a different transaction technology developed by German fintech company FinTecSystems  is implemented in the German version. Naturally, ABN Amro hopes the German population will adopt Tikkie just as their Dutch neighbors have.

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