Buckaroo and Reazon collaborate on order-to-cash payments

Buckaroo and Reazon collaborate on order-to-cash payments

Buckaroo provides a payment link that can be used in Reazon’s order-to-cash software when users send invoices and payment reminders. The added functionality via a payment link makes the order-to-cash process more efficient.

Buckaroo is payment solutions provider in the Netherlands that specialises in credit management solutions, subscription services, and e-commerce payments. Reazon is an emerging Dutch fintech that assists organisations in digitising credit management processes and provides order-to-cash software.

Michael Daniel Brouwer, CEO of Reazon, locates the partnership in the increasing need for digitisation in the financial industry. He indicated that because of this need, working with Buckaroo was a “logical step”.

Since consumers are demanding simple, streamlined payment solutions, the two companies saw an opportunity to provide such a solution. Jeroen Jungerius, a business executive at Buckaroo spoke on this matter saying:

“With a payment link in the mail, payment will be a matter of a push of a button. The debtor does not have to take payment details. For example, paying an invoice is not only low-threshold, but there is also less chance of errors.”

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