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Dimebox launches third party integration solution for PSPs

The solution is called “Connect,” and with it the global payments technology provider gives PSPs the ability to rapidly interface with nearly any PSP, add inspection metadata to transactions in real time, and import payments data that is processed externally.

David Jokinen, chief product officer at Dimebox, remarked on the value-add of the service for the company’s customers: “We enable them to quickly connect to a range of third-party services, freeing them to focus valuable resources on creating the most value for their customers”.

The new service features three varieties of connectors: processors; importers, and inspectors.

Processors give clients a range of different alternative payment methods, ready-to-use card acquiring processors to choose from, including the room to request new payment processing methods. Any given merchant account can have multiple processors.

Importers allow data from externally-processed payments to be imported so they can be reported on and analysed along with payments made on the platform. Inspectors add metadata in real time by scanning transaction requests using third-party data towards the end of fraud prevention and strengthening customer analytics.

About Dimebox

Dimebox is a payment technology provider and an innovative fintech disruptor, offering a full stack payment platform. Dimebox offers PSP’s, acquirers, e-commerce platforms and APM’s a smart payment intelligence platform. The solution includes risk management, a fraud engine powered by machine learning amongst other features. The company offers a processing solution enabling decision-making throughout the entire payments value chain, putting financial institutions in control of their transaction data.

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