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The Funding Puzzle

It’s a rags to riches tale. Innovators dream of their solution being adopted market wide, from the humble beginnings of another fintech start-up. Success these days inevitably requires money. SMEs and fintech innovators need funding to get their ideas off the ground.

With member De Breed & Partners, we have designed ‘The Funding Puzzle.’ It visualises all the possibilities of funding, from subsidies to equity.

The WBSO is a wage subsidy for developers granted to eligible companies according to the Dutch Act on Promotion of Research and Development. Eligibility assessments are carried out by the Dutch Enterprise Authority, the RVO. Companies are entitled to a reduction of the wage tax.

The MIT subsidy is for SME Innovation Stimulation. It involves a feasibility study of mainly desk research. Applications open April 17, 2018.

The DHI subsidy scheme focuses on Dutch SME entrepreneurs with international ambitions. It constitutes demonstrations projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation studies. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs seeks to encourage international expansion in emerging markets and developing countries.

Horizon 2020 is a subsidy program of the European Union. It seeks to stimulate innovation in order to increase European competitiveness and tackle social problems.

By Grace Appleford, Research Analyst

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