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The Paypers interviews cloudbased payment service AcceptEasy

Last Friday, The Paypers Managing Director Mélisande Mual, interviewed Peter Kwakernaak, CEO of Dutch fintech AcceptEasy, at Monitize9 about the company’s name change, conversational commerce, and thoughts on the impacts of PSD2 on e-billing.

Regarding last year’s rebranding from AcceptEmail to AcceptEasy, Kwakernaak explained that their new name better conveys the company ‘current capabilities and future vision’, now that both have evolved beyond the email payment they pioneered in the Netherlands more than a decade ago. AcceptEasy now caters to non-shop payments in all digital channels, with the aim of making transactions simple and seamless for millions of consumers and small businesses.

Kwakernaak also talked about conversational transactions, which refers to interactions between customers and customer contact teams in the context of payments processing. He believes that it is a term which better represents what AcceptEasy does and aims to improve conversion and service. While describing the benefits of conversational commerce to businesses, he admitted that large brands still face significant implementation hurdles. These mostly relate to immature chat/payment solutions, and integrating different conversational transactions to be updated simultaneously with the same information.

He concluded the interview by commenting on the impact of PSD2 and e-billing, in which he views that the ‘XS2A’ and instant payments provisions are complements conversational transactions by facilitating trade with broader Europe.

To read the full interview, click here.

About AcceptEasy

Originally incorporated as AcceptEmail, AcceptEasy is a Dutch cloudbased service that enables payments, mandates and verification through various digital channels. It enables the creation and presentation of payment requests in emails, texts, chats on websites, and apps; as well as the facilitation of frictionless online payments from all over the world.

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