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The future of the pension industry by Paolo Sironi



The future of the pension industry

In the video below, fintech thought leader and author Paolo Sironi shares his thoughts on how to push the pension industry forward and improve the current situation. More specifically, Paolo briefly discusses 3 aspects that can be improved in the pension industry:

  • Changing the way institutional investors invest money for the long-term
  • Using technology to help individuals understand their relationship between today the future when it comes to investing for the long-term
  • Using regulation to drive innovation

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The “Fintech Innovation” book by Paolo Sironi

Paolo discusses the topic in much more detail in his bestselling book FinTech Innovation. In the book, Paolo examines the rise of financial technology and its growing impact on the global banking industry. The book depicts the massive changes already happening in the banking industry and provides thought leader insights into the changes yet to come.

Paolo is an elective member of IBM Industry Academy – Watson Financial Service and represents IBM to advise financial institutions and entrepreneurs internationally, with focus on advisory business models for digital banking. Additionally, Paolo is an author and international keynote speaker.

The PensionTech Summit

The PensionTech Summit is a result of the previous PensionTech Summit’s success and the general increased interest in the pensiontech sector. The two-day event is sponsored and co-hosted by the city of The Hague, and kicks off on Wednesday May 16 in the afternoon and continues until Wednesday May 17 in the evening. All pension-related key stakeholders and interested parties will get together during these two days to depict where the pension industry is right now and how new, enabling technologies will impact the shaping of the industry in the years to come. The event’s program assists pension fund executives in understanding how and why to incorporate the right, new technologies. More information on the PensionTech Summit here:



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