The publication of the PensionTech Infographic

The publication of the PensionTech Infographic

The PensionTech Infographic

On May 17, Holland FinTech will officially present the second edition of the PensionTech Infographic, during the PensionTech Summit on 17 May. The infographic is a visual representation of the Global PensionTech landscape. The infographic will be compiled of new, innovative and disruptive companies as well as incumbent pension parties that are involved with and prioritize innovation within the industry. The infographic aims to create awareness within the pension industry regarding the innovation and technological developments available and applicable. These inventive solutions drive the industry forwards and seek to close the innovation gap with other industries. Previosuly, Holland FinTech released the 4th edition of the Dutch Fintech Infographic, which can be found here.

For companies interested and wanting to know more about or be involved with the inforgraphic, please click here.

PensionTech Summit

The PensionTech Summit is a result of the previous PensionTech Summit’s success and the general increased interest in the pensiontech sector. The two-day event is sponsored and co-hosted by the city of The Hague, and kicks off on Wednesday May 16 in the afternoon and continues until Wednesday May 17 in the evening. All pension-related key stakeholders and interested parties will get together during these two days to depict where the pension industry is right now and how new, enabling technologies will impact the shaping of the industry in the years to come. The event’s program assists pension fund executives in understanding how and why to incorporate the right, new technologies.

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