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Week 16 – Research At A Glance

This week, we found a range of notable research on fintech growth, bitcoin and crypto crime, banking and digitization, Islamic Finance, and Asian markets.

Fintech Growth

Finance for Fintech
-London Stock Exchange & TheCityUK

This joint collaboration between TheCityUK and the London Stock Exchange gives insights into global fintech sector growth. The report is based on over 400 interviews conducted with fintechs across the world where companies were asked about their growth plans and how they planned on financing them.

Regulatory Sandboxes in Latin America and the Caribbean for the FinTech Ecosystem and the Financial System
Inter-American development bank

Fintech is growing in Latina America and Caribbean as a means for financial inclusion, but the innovations brought by fintechs bring regulatory challenges in reducing the uncertainty surrounding fintechs. This uncertainty can be mitigated via regulatory sandboxes.

The role of technology in mortgage lending
National Bureau of Economic Research

This report looks at the role of fintech lenders in the US mortgage market. Analysing loan data, the research found that fintech lenders process mortgage applications 20% faster than other lenders, amongst other findings that suggest that tech innovation improves financial intermediation efficiency in the US mortgage market.

 Bitcoin and crypto crime

Bitcoin Laundering: An Analysis of Illicit Flows into Digital Currency Services
Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance

Most of the information on Bitcoin’s illicit use is anecdotal. This report studies bitcoin blockchain data to get a better grip on exactly how bitcoin is used illicitly, helping policy makers and finance leaders understand the illicit finance risks of the cryptocurrency and formulate ways to improve AML and combat terrorism finance in the crypto business.

Banking and digitization

Cost and Value in Banks: A model fit for the digital era?
The European Credit Research Institute

This report seeks to better understand the recent change in costs and values for European banks, particularly considering digitization. It looks at the undercurrents regarding the largest European banks’ income and expenses, challenges to developing efficiency in cost management in the present digital landscape, and the primary drivers for digitization.

 Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance Outlook: 2018 Edition
-S&P Global Ratings

Over the coming two tears, Islamic finance will grow at a slow pace, according to this report by S&P Global Ratings. It argues that Islamic finance could get a boost by courting financial technology, which would increase the industry’s competitiveness and broaden its customer base, amongst other benefits.

 Investment strategy: Asia

Hamon’s 1Q18 Asian Strategy Report
-Hamon Investment Group

This report analyses what occurred in markets in China/Hong Kong, India, ASEAN, Taiwan, and Korea during the first quarter of 2018, and gives assessments of the opportunities and concerns regarding each market.


By Elliot Lyons, Research Analyst

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