Week 17 – Research At A Glance

Week 17 – Research At A Glance

This week, we found research about trends and specific market analyses on the fintech sector, including reports on fintech funding in East Africa and a sweeping global fintech report by CB Insights on fintech financing in the first quarter of 2018. Besides these, we located reports that hone in on major technology issues such as blockchain in logistics and which technological trends will shape the coming years, and the current outlook for the EU financial system in terms of risks and vulnerabilities.

 Fintech Rundown

Global Fintech Report Q1 2018
CB Insights

CB Insights gives a peek into what’s been going on in fintech in the first quarter of 2018, detailing the financing trends, top deals and investors, trends by sector, and giving an update on incumbent fintech investing.

 Fintrek: Exploring new frontiers in Fintech in East Africa

This comprehensive report details the emergence of fintech in East Africa, which was an early fintech adopter, and explores the funding opportunities present in the region. It also covers trends in investment and the future fintech landscape.

FinTech in 2018: The fads, the fears, and the future 

This report looks at fintech trends in 2018, pain points, and what the future will bring. The fads include ICOs, bitcoin, bank-fintech collaboration, and AI. Fears deal with the rise of cyberattacks, the fintech bubble bursting, Brexit, and regulatory pressure, while the future is all about open banking and AI. Read more

How to Secure Your fintech Solution?

This whitepaper takes a look at the privacy and security challenges faced by fintechs and guides companies on how they should formulate security strategies, particularly considering what it takes technology-wise for fintechs to create secure environments.

EU financials: the risks

Risks and Vulnerabilities in the EU Financial System

Current vulnerabilities to the EU financial system include Brexit, cyberattacks, how the transition to a lower-carbon economy will affect investments, and valuations and repricing of risk premia, according to the EU. This report details these risks and gives suggestions for mitigation.

A note on technology

Technology Vision 2018

This report details Accenture’s forecast of which technology trends will occur over the coming three years. These trends are AI, frictionless business, intelligent distributed systems, data veracity, and extended reality.

How Blockchain is Impacting Manufacturing and Supple Chain Logistics
ABI Research 

This paper gives readers background information on blockchain and explains its uses for automation and data exchange, the challenges it presents, and gives use cases for the technology in manufacturing and supply chain logistics.

By Elliot Lyons, Research Analyst


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