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Member spotlight: Holtrop Ravesloot, executive search for fintech

Holtrop Ravesloot is a leading executive search and consulting firm matching candidates to high-level positions throughout an array of sectors. They recently launched a FinTech Program, specifically meant for high-calibre profiles to be integrated in the innovative industry. We discussed with Boudewijn Vellinga, associate partner heading the program, who introduced us to its specifications.

Holtrop Ravesloot, executive search since 1960

Holtrop Ravesloot is a firm operating at a top-tier level to improve business performances by leveraging human resources. The organisation’s core business is executive search, placing its clients in sectors going from the industrial field to healthcare, education, public services and real estate.

The FinTech Program, supporting candidates through change

Last year, the firm set up a FinTech Program together with Fintech Startup Partners to bridge the traditional finance industry to innovative players and address issues typical to the current state of the industry. Aware of the change currently happening, the firm aims to facilitate skill transfer resulting either from a change in the structure of financial institutions or from the will of candidates to leave for a different sector, organisation or role.

The tailored program is centred on the individual, designed to find the best fit benefiting both ends. Firm believers in the individual potential of candidates, the organisation is putting forward soft skills and entrepreneurial spirit, considered as a key element in a placement. The firm is clear regarding the selection process: the candidate’s track record is a criterion, the will to make an impact and entrepreneurial spirit are crucial to take part in the program. After confirming a candidate’s potential, by means of a series of carefully designed tests, Holtrop Ravesloot guides the selected clients through the program.

This leads to four different tracks for the candidates to follow. They can either opt for a similar position in a similar sector, a similar position in a different sector, join a FinTech scale-up or set up their own company. These multiple options are part of Holtrop Ravesloot’s unique selling proposition, as the opportunities offered to candidates can be tailored to their different profiles.

The program includes resume architecture, interview and personal pitch deck coaching and an educational support, bolstering the candidate’s chances to fulfill his ambition. Aligned with the firm’s high standards, the program mainly targets senior positions, focusing on high-profile candidates keen to redeploy their skills in the different sector or an innovative business. While start-ups are not ignored by the program, the nature of candidates implies the need for a proven organisation able to receive such profile.

A first in the Netherlands

An executive search program in combination with an innovative blended learning program focused on FinTech is a first in the Netherlands, in an otherwise rather competitive market. Thus Holtrop Ravesloot welcomes this competition, seeing it as a healthy drive to stay competitive in the market. The team is confident that the individual character of their program, taking roots in their specific business culture and expertise, is a key differentiator.

Boudewijn Vellinga, working in executive search since 2004 with a passion for excellence, describes this culture as being transparent, innovative, individualised and cut to the bone. Together with Tony de Bree PhD, former senior banker at ABN Amro and CEO and founder of FinTech Startup Partners, he steers the program with attentiveness for the social element entrenched in such activity, and considers the entrepreneurial spirit flourishing in innovative hubs as an inspiration for this enterprise.

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