Mollie launches fully automated invoice reconciliation module

Mollie launches fully automated invoice reconciliation module

Together with Dealer4Dealer, the payments service provider (PSP) delivered an updated version of its invoice reconciliation and accounting product, “Aflettermodule 2.0”. The module is available for Exact Online and Mollie clients, and compatible with all web shop platforms. Mollie is the only PSP on Exact Online offering this type of integration.

For businesses, matching payments received with the corresponding items and orders to get an insight into outstanding payments can be a time consuming, complex and painstaking process, especially in a digital world where numerous transactions are completed daily. Today, much of this process is automated.

Mollie’s previous version of the module saw partial automatisation with Exact Online’s business software: clients still needed to upload a payments overview from Mollie to Exact Online. This manual process was sensitive to mistakes along with being a time drain for clients, even as the module was a widely-used product.

In the new version, Dealer4Dealer, which handles the back office for Exact Software, uses an API created by Mollie to automatically transfer payments in the Mollie ecosystem to the Exact Online environment. Payment information is then matched with its corresponding order in Exact Online, reconciling the payments.

Additionally, the second version of the product can easily be installed by users.

By Elliot Lyons, Research Analyst

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