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Netherlands sets National Blockchain Agenda

This is a first for the country. The agenda was created collaboratively amongst government, business, and research institutions to be used as a research guideline for Dutch universities, applied sciences colleges, and other entities. As such, the Agenda sets aside millions of euro for scientific research into blockchain. It is positioned to be a part of the Dutch contribution to the European-wide development of blockchain.

TopTeam ICT commissioned the agenda with the Dutch Advisory Committee on Blockchain delivering the final product. The agenda was presented to Rob van Gijzel, ambassador of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. 

Besides being a guide for institutions conducting research, it is also meant to serve as inspiration for other parties, such as government and students, that may be carrying out their own research into the new technology.

Additionally, the new document touches on many areas pertinent to blockchain development, concluding ethics, economic impact, technology, and legal issues.

Professor J.C. van de Pol, chair of the Advisory Committee, said the following about the agenda:

“This research agenda for blockchain is unique in taking its starting point in responsible science and aims at designing a technology for society, based on shared public values. The overarching concerns – trust, sustainability, governance – lead to a wide variety of research questions, which are now put on the agenda in a single coherent vision.”

 You can read a summary of the Agenda here.

By Elliot Lyons, Research Analyst 

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