Technology in the pension sector: article by the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds

Technology in the pension sector: article by the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds

In a recent article by the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds, Martijn van Eck talks about the role of technology in the world of pensions. As you can read in the article (in Dutch), Martijn stresses the importance of prioritizing technology and innovation by pension funds and providers. Fintech offers many opportunities within the sector, whether we are talking about efficiency, lowering costs, risk management, or communication. You can read the full article here.

The PensionTech Summit

On May 16th & 17th we are organizing the annual PensionTech Summit, which is sponsored and co-hosted by the city of The Hague. The PensionTech Summit is a result of the previous PensionTech Summit’s success and the general increased interest in the pensiontech sector. The two-day event kicks off on Tuesday May 16 in the afternoon and continues until Wednesday May 17 in the evening. All pension-related key stakeholders and interested parties will get together during these two days to depict where the pension industry is right now and how new, enabling technologies will impact the shaping of the industry in the years to come. The event’s program assists pension fund executives in understanding how and why to incorporate the right, new technologies. More information on the PensionTech Summit here:

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