The Paypers publishes B2B fintech guide

The Paypers publishes B2B fintech guide

The release is the most recent version of their Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-Invoicing Guide. Top consultants, solutions providers, associations, corporates and banks provided insights and best practices in a number of areas, including B2B payments, invoice compliance, e-invoicing, supply chain sustainability, and real-time fraud prevention.

Holland FinTech and the Supply Chain Finance Community have endorsed the report.

Examples of topics covered by leading organisations are Accenture’s discussion of API models, Saxo Payment Banking Circle’s addition on the emergence of financial utilities and how they affect international payments, and why sustainable supply chains are important for business continuity by Philips Lighting. Holland FinTech participated as well in the writing of the guide, exploring open banking and instant payments.

The guide also gives special attention to invoice compliance in the procure-to-pay process and what is going on in European B2G e-invoicing.

Download here your copy of the guide.

By Elliot Lyons, Research Analyst

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