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Week 18 – Research At A Glance

Last week, we found a wide range of fintech research, spanning from regulation and financial crime to digital banking and AI. Check it out below.


Navigating the year ahead: Financial Services Regulatory Barometer Middle East 2018


This report details how regulations affect banks in the Middle East, delving into the regulatory priorities for banks in the region, and banks’ most important challenges and risks. Additionally, the report looks at what regulators can do to clarify their expectations.

RegTech 2.0

Burnmark and Alvarez & Marsal

This report looks at upcoming trends within regtech. It does this by interviewing over 45 regtech start-ups they encounter in scaling-up and speaking to banks and regulatory bodies on what could speed up the success of regtech.

Regional and Global Outlooks

 Asia’s digital banking race: Giving customers what they want


Across Asia, customers are changing the way they bank using digital means, which presents a challenge to incumbent banks as people are warming up to fintechs and other non-banking payments providers. This report surveys nearly 17,000 people across 15 Asian markets, giving insights on how they feel about their bank’s services, what they are open to, and how they currently make banking decisions.

Supporting UK FinTech: Accessing a Global Talent Pool

Innovate Finance & WPI Economics

As Brexit is looming, this report look at how the exit will potentially change the UK’s immigration policy, which will in turn affect the fintech sector.

2018 Global Payments Insight Survey: Retail Banking

ACI Worldwide

Banks are coping with legacy issues and budget constraints in efforts to generate success in the present while trying to prepare for the future. This paper looks at how investments in payment technology is key in the short and long term and at the challenges faced by the evolving payments landscape.


Beyond Fintech: A Pragmatic Assessment of Disruptive Potential in Financial Services

World Economic Forum & Deloitte

This report is the product of three research phases on how fintechs are transforming financial services. The report makes a number of notable findings on data, customer behavior, profits, the role of big tech, regulation, and more.

 Notes from the AI frontier: Insights from hundreds of use cases


This discussion paper assesses AI’s economic and practical potential across different sectors in attempts to find where and how the technology can be the most useful. To accomplish this, the paper employs use cases which apply the technology to specific challenges faced by businesses.

Financial Crime

Cryptocurrencies and UK FinTechs: Perspectives and Experiences of Financial Crime

Fintech FinCrime Exchange

This white paper looks at how the UK’s fintech sector views cryptocurrency risk and what they’re doing to manage these risks. It advises fintechs to, amongst other things, implement strong, risk-based approaches regarding anti money laundering with tools tailor made for cryptocurrencies.

Hong Kong: Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment Report

-Government of Hong Kong

Hong Kong presently has a sweeping anti money laundering and countering financing terrorism regime, but rapidly developing international standards have necessitated it undertake a risk assessment in response. This report seeks locate, understand, and update the risks for the region as a basis for targeted responses to said risks.

 By Elliot Lyons, Research Analyst

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