Week 19: Research At A Glance

Week 19: Research At A Glance

A focused guide on B2B fintech, how the Internet of Things can play a key role in insurance, and a concise introduction to cryptocurrencies all feature in this week’s research haul along with an insight into the US state of Georgia’s lucrative fintech environment.


B2B Fintech: Payments, supply chain finance & e-invoicing guide 2018
The Paypers

In this guide, top entities in fintech spaces provided insights and best practices in many areas, including B2B payments, real-time fraud prevention, and invoice compliance.


 IoT: The perfect playground for insurance companies

This report discusses the Internet of Things and makes a business case for its adoption by insurance companies. The report explains the IoT concept and how insurers can develop IoT solutions.

Global insurance M&A themes 2018

This report analyses M&A deals in insurance in 2017, also looking forward to how insurtech and investment in digital ecosystems will affect the industry regarding M&As.

United States investment and fintech

NASAA 2018: Investment Advisor Section Annual Report
The North American Securities Administrators Association

This report by The North American Securities Administrators Association gives a snapshot of the state-registered investment advisor population in the US and the NASAA’s work over the past year, including in regulation.

2018 State of Georgia’s Fintech Ecosystem
Technology Association of Georgia

This report highlights the US state of Georgia’s fintech ecosystem. Notable findings are that more than 120 fintechs are headquartered in Georgia and the top 20 fintechs generate ca. USD 72 billion in revenue annually.


A Short Introduction to the World of Cryptocurrencies
Aleksander Berentsen, Research Fellow at the Federal Bank of St. Louis, and Fabian Schär

This report gives an intro to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, focusing on Bitcoin. It covers its history, how it works, and potential applications of cryptocurrencies, concluding that cryptoassets are suitable to become a key asset class.

Off The Chain: Observing Bitcoin Nodes on the Public Internet

Blockchain-based technologies have become popular, which brings security concerns. To learn about these, this paper analysed the participants in the Bitcoin P2P network.


By Elliot Lyons, Research Analyst 

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