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Week 20: Research at a Glance

8 Trends Shaping the Future of Blockchain

-CB Insights

The report breaks down 8 trends that are shaping the future blockchain technology. The authors specifically discuss ICOs, venture activity and corporate activity in their analysis.

Impacts of Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain Technology on Market Activities

-Paris Europlace

The report makes an assessment of the implications two blockchain related financial activities: asset management and the  activities of depository / custody account keeping; both in France and beyond.

TAG FinTech’s State of Georgia’s FinTech Ecosystem

-TAG Fintech
TAG fintech releases a report on the state of Georgia’s fintech ecosystem every 2 years, with interviews of 20 over fintech exectuives about fintech trends in general and within the context of the state.

2018 Global Payments Insight Survey: Merchants


The fourth edition of the report and provides an analysis of the near future for merchants as well as reflect on the past development of the perspectives of this part of the value chain.

Raconteur Future of Fintech Report


Raconteur’s special fintech report features a collection of incisive discussions of future changes in the financial ecosystem and their impact on fintechs. Possible scenarios include: Brexit, the hybridization of cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies, cloud banking, and banking the unbanked.

FinTech credit : Market structure, business models and financial stability implications

-The Bank for International Settlements

This paper is an analytical report on the functioning of fintech credit markets; including the size, growth and nature of activities. It looks at the phenomenon of fintech credit from a few major aspects: potential microfinancial benefits and risks of fintech credit activities, the conduct and prudential regulatory policies of select countries.


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