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Last call for Accenture Innovation Awards

The Accenture Innovation Awards are a year-round programme for outfits that have unique innovations that are less than three years old, have disruptive potential, and target changing society for the better. Registration for the Awards is open until July 1, 2018.

The Awards seek to set up an ecosystem where all innovators can come together to jointly drive innovation.

With the Awards programme, innovators are given the opportunity to scale their ventures through taking part in Accenture’s global venture network, workshops, corporate challenges. Innovators also gain key insights about their business potential by interacting with the jury members and exposure through the programme’s social channels, website, and media partners.

The Awards have eight theme areas representing the most critical challenges innovators must face to create societal change: health; nutrition; living and working; security; education; mobility; and finance.

For the finance theme, blockchain, transactions, transparency, control, and personalisation are focus areas.

The programme for the Awards is comprised of multiple events and ends with the Innovation Summit on November 2, where winners in each of the either categories will be named.

If interested, you can register here.

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