Comparison platform Komparu merges with Knip to create the ‘Digital Insurance Group’

Comparison platform Komparu merges with Knip to create the ‘Digital Insurance Group’

The Netherlands-based comparison-software provider Komparu and digital insurance broker Knip have merged to form the ‘Digital Insurance Group’, a pan-European digital insurance platform.

Komparu launched in 2013, providing SaaS technology solutions for insurance companies, with partners such as UMG group, Sanoma and Achmea. The Knip partnership will allow Komparu to deliver an end-to-end solution for partners while extending its geographic presence.

Knip launched in 2014 exploiting technology and data analytics to launch supervised robo-advice on the consumer insurance market. Its service allows customers to monitor and manage all of their insurance policies.

Ingo Weber, Group CEO of The Digital Insurance Group commented on the merger: “This merger is an exciting step that will bring together two transformative InsurTech brands to create a major force in Europe’s insurance sector. It represents a significant milestone for this rapidly growing sector, which is using disruptive technologies to deliver innovation to a multi-trillion dollar insurance industry.”

Ruben Troostwijk, CEO of Komparu, added: “Both our organisations share a strategic vision of the opportunity in the marketplace, and will together be able to share expertise and geographic footprints to create bigger and better innovations. Partnerships are a powerful way for InsurTech brands to increase market share in a competitive marketplace, and by working together, with established companies as well as emergent ones, we hope to create a sector that truly works for the consumer good.”

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