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Week 34: Research At A Glance

A Digital Trade Policy for Latin America and the Caribbean
by Brookings Institution
This report analyses what is needed to develop a digital economy and to take advantage of digital trade opportunities in the regions. Recommended reforms include IP protections, consumer protection for online commerce, and ensuring protection of personal data.

Distributed Ledger Ecosystems: A Conceptual Framework 

by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
Although DLT is a much-used term, there exists a lack of standardised terminology, which complicates matters for stakeholders. This report seeks to clarify concepts and terminology to bring about a shared, common language by defining DLT systems and their distinguishing characteristics.
Mobile POS: Moving the Needle in Mobile Payments
by Ipsos
Despite the promise of widespread uptake of mobile point of sale payments in the US, many still do not use them. To figure out why this is the case, this research speaks to industry experts about what worked and didn’t for mobile payment adoption at points of sale.
The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southeast Asia 
by The Global Impact Investing Network 
This report looks at impact investing trends in 11 countries in the region, outlining challenges and opportunities to investments and analyses the political and economic factors that can inform investment decisions in each country.
Machines can learn, but what will we teach them?
by Chartered Accounts of Australia and New Zealand 
This paper looks at how advances in AI and machine learning affect different people, from general society to regulators and accountants, through the lens of ethics.

Fintech Apps and Data Privacy: New Insights from Consumer Research

by The Clearing House
Fintech apps are on the rise, but they pose risks, especially around data privacy. But how are aware are people of how their data is collected, accessed, used, stored, and shared? This study answers these questions by surveying US banking and fintech consumers.

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