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Research At A Glance: Week 36

How Life & Annuity Companies Can Embrace Modern Platforms to Boost Direct-to-Consumer Capabilities
By Cognizant
Life and annuity companies are currently facing competition from insurtechs who can deliver the enhanced customer experiences and innovative products they desire to provide their own clients with. This report analyses how life and annuity incumbents can appeal to customers and create better consumer strategies and technology support systems.
Fitness, fulltime and foresight: Research into the wellbeing of startup founders and entrepreneurs
Australian founders spend an average of 64 hours per week working, and this type of stress has very real implications for their mental and physical wellbeing and how they lead their companies. This report gives insights into the lives of Australian founders, detailing stress, working hours, and physical activity.
Blockchain is here. What’s your next move?
By PwC
This report surveyed 600 executives in 15 countries and territories on what they’re doing with blockchain and their views on its potential. 81% of executives reported having blockchain initiatives underway.
Cyber Threatscape Report 2018
By Accenture
This report delves into current cybersecurity threats, including threats to critical infrastructure and extended supply chains, and topics like miner malware, legislation, and mitigation methods.
Strategic Review of Retail Banking Business Models
By Financial Conduct Authority
The FCA released this report that looks at what factors have contributed to large UK banks remaining dominant the personal current accounts market following the finance crisis and competition from challenger banks.
Africa Blockchain Report
By Liquid Telecom
The blockchain phenomenon has hit every corner of the world, including Africa, where the uptake of the technology is growing across the continent. This report looks at the rise of blockchain, what roles it can possibly play in the public sector, how it can help the unbanked, and includes interviews with experts about the future of the technology.
Technology in the mid-market: Embracing disruption
By Deloitte
It’s a debate that frequently crops up: will technology replace human labour? Deloitte conducted a survey regarding talent in IT investments, finding that technology is resulting in more hires instead of ushering in the era where human labour becomes obsolete. As the nature of work shifts from routine tasks to more in-depth analysis, companies are seeing increased productivity, better engagement, and the creation of new business.

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