NIBC and AXA adding fuel to their cooperation

NIBC Bank and AXA Investment Management have been involved in a partnership on an innovative strategy for the Dutch mortgage loans market, through which NIBC provides and services NIBC Direct mortgage loans with a long-term fixed interest rate period. AXA invests on behalf of large institutional investors in selected Dutch mortgage loans, that are determined by NIBC based on criteria agreed precedently between the parties.
The partners are reported to have reinforced their cooperation by enumerating the features of the loans. The press release acknowledges the support of robust economics gaining momentum for Dutch mortgages, and the support of shortage of available land and strict regulations, as well as supportive demographics, creates a structural imbalance between supply and demand for property prices in the Netherlands.
Having been active in the market since 1945, NIBC Bank offers corporate and consumer banking services, including residential mortgages and retail saving deposits.
The Structured Finance investment team of the global asset manager AXA Investment Management has been managing around € 38 billion in asset under management across the non-traditional credit spectrum for more than 17 years.
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