COVID-19 – Essential resources

COVID-19 – Essential resources

Keeping you up-to-date on what you need to know about the Corona Virus

We launched this page to keep you up to date on need to know insights on the Novel Corona Virus – COVID-19. Please feel free to ask questions, make remarks or suggest other sources.

Official Sources

These sources of information are governments or international organizations. They contain a wealth of resources about infection rates, economic impact and are a portal for consumers and business people about different initiatives to support the economy. We have focused on English language resources, to make sure everyone can access the information.

Sharing Best Practices with the Network

Join the round table to share and learn.

Holland Fintech Best Practices – A set of 10 principles that were defined by the Holland Fintech Network on best practices that companies can employ to minimize interruption to their business continuity in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Proposal for European Measures to Support Digital Finance in the Post COVID-19 Context

Holland FinTech signed a proposal to the European Commission with a request for potential changes to the European regulation and other policy actions in the area of financial technologies.

What our Members Offer

Many members are open to offer support or resources for other members that are in need. Check out what support our members have to offer or let us know what you can do to help the community.

Making the network work
Let us know where you could use help or what you would like to do to help others, and we will match you accordingly. Contact us via
Bankish loan administration solution
As called by the Estonian Ministry of Economics, startups have been thinking how to help sustain the economy with their product or service offering. Bankish has an end-to-end credit management platform that can be implemented in weeks with low costs on the AS-IS functionality. We see that in the current situation, credit issuers are faced with increased volumes and have to transform their business to digital-first at the same time. We can do that fast and significantly cut the costs to facilitate business in this tough environment.
Public Relations, social media support
As communications agency with a 100% focus on the financial services, fintech sector we assist companies to formulate and distribute their story to the audiences that are relevant to them. If members of Holland Fintech need support these days with a press release, their social media content, an online alternative for an event, marketing content or active media relations we are happy to help. Our team - ten in Amsterdam - works from home these days, but ready to assist. We have offices in LA, New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. In the relevant European markets we have correspondents: Nordics, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Romania, etc.
A short-term Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimal Viable Product (MVP) project
What we look for: innovative ideas for development of software products or apps What we offer: a short-term Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimal Viable Product (MVP) project via a pragmatic 4-step approach: Introduction video call to explain the idea and get to know each other A 2-day user story mapping workshop Define and agree on the project Start-build-deliver Costs: step 1-3 is joint investment of time and in step 3 we will give you an attractive offer for the realization of your idea!
1-Year Payment Deferral for FinTech Software, a financial technology provider, offers free access to the core technology for 1 year to help the society minimize the negative economic impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak. We offer all financial institutions with a valid license in the EU and UK to acquire our software without any leasing payments for the next year. is the core payment software with a strong API layer for banks and FinTechs. The Platform consists of 5 main components: a back-end wrapped in 400+ API endpoints, 3 front-end frameworks, and a web for system management with capabilities in iOS and Android for our clients. offers Digital Retail Bank, Bank Marketing Automation, Wallet Engine, Event Payments, and Loyalty Program software in whitelabel.
Cyber security services
At this moment many companies are suffering more than usual from cyber attacks due to the Corona crisis. With many employees now working remotely the availability of IT systems, infrastructures and the security of it is even more important than it already was. On the short term Qbit has highly skilled security professionals, amongst ethical hackers, available to help companies with mitigating their security risks and defend against cyber criminals. On the short term we can help you, for instance, with the execution of penetration tests, vulnerability scans, incident response and a Security Officer on temporary basis (Security Officer As A Service). Knowing more? Contact us at
100% Free document processing services for the healthcare sector
Software scale-up Klippa is offering its expense and invoice processing tool for free to healthcare organisations across the world. Klippa decided to do this in light of the current COVID-19 crisis. The company wants to relieve the healthcare sector of administrative stress and ensure that employees no longer need to physically come in contact with anyone when doing their finances. Any healthcare institution, anywhere in the world, may contact Klippa to capitalize on the offer. The offer stands for one year and the implementation is for free as well. This may take one or two days, depending on the size of the department. When implementation is done, organisations can start to scan receipts, invoices or other documents, and the data will automatically be sent to a dashboard in which financials can approve, decline or process. The whole process can be done from home with a pc, tablet, or cell phone.
Free Strategy Consultations
We're offering free Zoom or Skype calls of up to 1 hour to anyone that wants to know how adopting Agile and/or a Public Cloud strategy could help their business. Business value is always important. With uncertain times ahead, it is natural for firms to think about how, and whether, they might derive more value from utilising Public Cloud or adopting Agile to streamline projects and other business processes.
Crisis support
For FinTechs, Financial Services and Marketplaces we have experienced senior (crisis & change) managers as well as experienced project managers all with payments, acquiring and banking knowledge. Rates can be tailor made for the present COVID-19 situation: success fees and extended payment terms can be discussed.
Working capital to entrepreneurs
COVID-19 has become an overarching issue affecting not only public health but also the economy. This period of global uncertainty will have a significant impact on small and medium-sized businesses. Many companies have already felt substantial changes in manufacturing, sales, logistics and other vital areas of their business. During this time, having the extra working capital to fund delays is essential to a company’s survival. At Factris, we are here to provide working capital to our fellow entrepreneurs during these uncertain times.
Free usage of AI Cash Collection platform
The Corona crisis does not make it any easier, which is why Sidetrade has an initiative in which we set up our cloud AI-driven Cash collection platform for a period of a week, giving your team a chance to: 1. Execute online and remote automated collection (driven by our AI assistant Aimee); 2. Manage digital communication via the platform with your customers so that they can view their invoices and provide status updates, if they they are no longer available by phone; 3. Execute specific payment arrangements for customers in trouble: this allows the invoice to be followed up with a clear end result
Cyber Security for startups
Blaze for Startups is a new, streamlined portfolio of cyber security services, specifically tailored for growing businesses and taking into account the unique challenges these organizations face today. For Holland Fintech members we are offering our services with -25% pricing on all projects completed before September 2020. We also offer flexible payment terms. Contact us
Free technical Proof of Concept (POC) of your digital solution idea
One of our eight bespoke financial technology engineering teams will build a technical Proof-of-Concept (POC) for your digital idea free of charge (up to 160 person-hours of effort) so you can test it with customers or present it to your investors.
Access to an exclusive global network with thousands of CEOs
Opportunity Network is a business match making platform, giving CEO's worldwide access to new reliable business partners. The digital network tool for those who are looking to sell or buy their product/service, looking for investers/to invest or raise capital. Special Corona deal in place - free access for all CEO's that meet our criteria.
50% discount on Rehive Subscriptions fro COVID-19 use cases
We are offering 50% discounts on all Rehive Subscriptions for 12 months for COVID-19 specific use cases. Rehive is a platform and toolkit for building fintech apps. We have created specific solutions that can help small businesses and consumers during this time. Rehive's prepaid and rewards solution can help small businesses generate short term cash flow while making it easy for customers to track their balance and spending from an app. Customers can easily load their balance using a debit or credit card. We have also put together a solution that makes it easy to payout aid financing via email or mobile number. Recipients get an invite to register and claim their funds. The balance can be used to buy vouchers from the app or spend at supported merchants. Get started with a template here. Please send us an email using the code "HollandFintechCovid19", to qualify for the discount.
Complete technology driven Working Capital Solution for SMEs
We are Togather, and we are here to support you grow your business! We understand that the spread of Covid-19 has brought upon an increased number of uncertainties. And that these have resulted in disruptions to normal business practices. But we also understand your desire to continue growing your business and realising the potential that you've always had in mind. We know that good businesses must continue to operate in such uncertain times. And to do so, the need for a complete working capital solution is paramount. Our approach is powered by technology and is data driven. This shall allow you to not only meet financing needs, but importantly enough manage your risk in a more effective and insightful way. One that further fuel and support your ambitions to serve your clients best and grow your business. We really care and are here to help!
Free use of our WWFT compliant remote (digital) identity verification solution
Do you need to verify the identity of your clients? Have you traditionally asked your clients to either show up in person or show their face at a notary or similar? The COVID-19 pandemic is making face-to-face verification very challenging. Our solution lets you remotely verify the identities of your clients in a fully WWFT and WTT compliant manner. A verification takes 3 minutes and is extremely user-friendly for you and your clients. We are offering our solution at no cost to those affected by COVID-19 crisis, no strings attached. We can get you and your staff up and running within hours, with no IT integrations. Call or email me directly if you are interested. Gui Vohringer 0629069470
Free Diagnostic Passive Scan for Web Apps
Besides a free awareness talk for employees included in our 20% discount for all of our services (Pentesting for: Web Apps, APIs, Mobile Apps, Cloud Configuration Review, SOCaaS and more) we offer a **free passive scan of a web page** to have a first approach to see how vulnerable you are. Fintech is our speciallity, we've assisted over 370 + Fintechs around the world on cybersecurity matters.
Free financing advice for scale-ups and SMEs
We arrange debt financing on behalf of scale-ups and SME companies. We offer our services without charging any advisory fees or other compensation for time spent. (We do charge a placement fee for successfully closed transactions.)
Short term working capital solution
While entrepreneurs have always had liquidity and working capital problems, these have been escalated greatly because of COVID-19. Finturi provides entrepreneurs with a platform where they can finance their invoices within 24 hours at the best rates. Finturi also offers banks and allied parties, a possibility to integrate its innovative platform in their system to disburse loans to SMEs quickly. Finturi makes invoice financing secure, low-cost, quick and easy using blockchain and artificial intelligence.
Discounted price for conferences
We would like to support fintech community with clients onboarding & also knowledge/experience sharing at these difficult times, and ready to offer 30% discount to all your community members for any of our financial conferences (Banking innovation | Subprime Credit | Microfinance confs)
Software development or Sourcing at reduced rates
Are you looking for skilled software developers or to outsource the development of your ideas and needs? Pons Pontis is offering its services during the Covid-19 difficult times against reduced rates. The pool of 100+ developers has experience in a vast number of technologies and industries. Explain us your need, make it our challenge and we will make you an offer you can’t refuse.
Help with discussing data management strategy
We can help you with your:
- data management strategy
- set up discussion with one of our consultant or participate in our free webinars where we can show you Tableau, Snowflake or how ETL tool Matillion works
- provide company training for your new team members who already use Tableau or Snowflake
- advise on digital transformation
Covid-19 Chatbot
The digital chatbot can be used free of charge by service departments that can barely keep up with the large number of consumer questions.
Enterprise Bot: "We see that helpdesks and support teams are flooded with questions about the coronavirus in several places. This is not only an issue for government agencies, but also in the travel industry or healthcare sector, for example. With this chatbot, we want to give these organisations a helping hand by relieving their customer support staff."
Relocation into The Netherlands
Due to the COVID-19, there have been a lot changes/challenges to the relocation process into The Netherlands. Visa applications, physical moves, registration, house viewings, schooling, language support etc.
If you do have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.
Freebies for our new partners
Fintechs gets a free consultation from our experts and can get the next perks:
  • Product concept development;
  • Product roadmap building;
  • java senior for java junior rate;
  • Product vision development
  • Product analytics;
  • Mockup design;
  • MVP roadmap development;
  • any consultations.

Impact Survey

Please tell us how you are experiencing the impact of COVID-19 anonymously survey. We will share the results on this page soon.

Resources for Businesses

This is designed to help SMEs and Entrepreneurs navigate uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic. This section features insights from the Holland Fintech Network, A member marketplace and practical steps for business continuity and liquidity arrangements. 

Curated news about COVID-19​

A selection of news and articles from around the web, aiming to shed light on developments around the world regarding the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Missing something or noticed a factual mistake? Please let us know!

Health and Safety Measures

Your and your immediate surrounding’s physical health is a top priority in containing the global COVID-19 pandemic. This section has resources on how to effectively practice social/physical distancing, a digital toolkit in making the most from your work from home experience, and a handwashing guide that you can customize to your favorite song lyrics – share it with family and friends!

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