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Recap: Zoetermeer Fintech Meetup

Last Wednesday, Crosspring hosted a fintech meetup bringing together part of the Holland FinTech ecosystem and European start-ups in the Soft Landing program. Don Ginsel, CEO of Holland FinTech, opened the meetup with an introduction of the company and its diverse ecosystem.
Consumer Financial Services
The first pitch came from Paul Niklaus of Zuper Bank, announcing they were “taking financial data back to the consumer”. By allowing consumers to aggregate their financial accounts, they can use their data to provide overdraft alerts, personalised savings planners, and access an AI- backed financial advisor.
Anuj Sehgal from HokoCloud highlighted the fragmented and complex investment industry. Their product, a broker agnostic social trading platform, will allow the integration of “social proof” and an AI-powered virtual assistant into investment decisions.
Belgian start-up WeGroup plans to “make insurance great again” with the launch of their P2P insurance products. Their CEO, Arvid De Coster, explained how Louisa, an AI-driven virtual assistant, can automatically assess and pay-out claims, and how cashback for non-claimers can provide simplicity and value for consumers.
Data Optimisation  
GiniMachine, a credit scoring solution, uses the power of modern machine learning to extract valuable insights from lendors’ data which can be utilised to “fight bad loans” with AI technology, explained Maria Nemogai.
Pekka Viilto, co-founder of Finnish start-up RundIt, pitched their investor reporting platform that facilitates the simple management and reporting of business metrics. Aimed at investors keeping track of their portfolio, the platform also has hopes to develop into an investment scanning tool.
Retail Services
Shopitag was launched by Belgian fintech Infinity Mobile BVBA, and allows retailers to set up pop-up shops run by chatbots and AI across social media platforms. CEO Geert Roede pitched Shopitag’s ability to convert sales, automate deliveries, and allow comparison across several pop-up shop strategies.
Valery Chechalkin of JetBeep explained the need for retailers to engage consumers before they check out. JetBeep offers promotions and personalises consumers’ experience as they enter, allowing retailers to influence during the shopping process.
After the pitches, participants gathered for drinks and networking.

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