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Share on email blockchain adapter on AWS Marketplace helps businesses connect blockchain networks to their existing IT systems, and made the announcement on October 9, 2018 via press release.  IT services company Schuberg Philis collaborated on the placement.’s Blockchain Adapter allows companies to securely and easily connect any app or IoT device to an Ethereum blockchain network and is one of a number of solutions in its Blockchain Gateway, which will be available on AWS Marketplace in early 2019.
The company’s Blockchain Gateway allows organisations to link any app to any blockchain network.
The Adapter is available as a CloudFormation Template on AWS Marketplace. Customers can deploy the Adapter directly into their AWS environment, paying as they go.
Thatcher Peskens, director of cloud at, noted that many of the present initiatives exploring blockchain have a limited scope and that with his company’s Adapter, “we now provide a specific piece of the Blockchain Gateway, easily enabling a basic connection to Ethereum with virtually any application, while at the same time leveraging the broad reach of AWS Marketplace and the use of AWS Key Management Service.”

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