Capgemini publishes World Payments Report 2018

Capgemini publishes World Payments Report 2018

Capgemini publishes World Payments Report 2018

Authored by Capgemini, the 14th edition of the World Payments Report (WPR) analyses the new global payments ecosystems with a focus on non-transaction volumes, the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the changing and dynamic nature of payment service providers’ roles, and the resulting new horizons for payments and transaction banking.

Acknowledging the continuous growth of non-crash transaction volumes during 2015-2016 globally, the report also recognises CEMEA as the main growth region. It further examines the regulatory dynamcis in the payments market, identifying the cyclical effect that is being detected in the objectives of the key regulatory and industry initiatives between innovation, risk reduction, and standardisation. Moving forward, the report analyses how the banking industry is offering new paymetns models with aims to provide new value-added servies, such as corporate treasures.

Finally, the report introduces the Payment Open Banking Assessment, which focuses on the state of open banking from a payments point of view across 16 countries, and underlines the ways that an open banking environment can create the conditions for non-cash payments, given that PSPs satisfy a few necessary requirements.

You can download a copy of the report here.

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