Centraal Invorderings Bureau teams up with Buckaroo for full credit management

Centraal Invorderings Bureau teams up with Buckaroo for full credit management

Centraal Invorderings Bureau teams up with Buckaroo for full credit management

In their most recent press release, Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB) confirmed that the parties will link their services for full credit management, from transaction to follow-up.

Elaborating on the various communication methods, CIB wishes to approach debtors in a neat and pleasant fashion, with the press release also stressing the compatibility of the partnership with the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Roman Berkhout, Commercial Director of CIB believes the partnership to be a perfect e-commerce fit since “Buckaroo and CIB are both forerunners in the field of digitisation and innovation in financial services”. Berkhout also shared with Holland Fintech: ”Innovation in Credit Management will become the standard! We believe that these kind of cooperations will set the standard in our branch where information should be available 24/7. The connection between these companies makes it possible for companies to have a realtime overview on their order to cash process.”

Maurits Dekker, CCO of Buckaroo, states that: “As a credit management partner, CIB has a digital and distinctive footprint within a market that is normally characterized by traditional services. Through this partnership, we as partners continue to shape the digital revolution within credit management through a fully modern, automated, customer-friendly and transparent credit management process.”

Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB) is a young and dynamic credit management organisation that specialises in following up overdue invoices as efficiently and effectively as possible, by y using smart ICT and marketing techniques.

Headquartered in Utrecht, Buckaroo is a leading payment provider in the Netherlands. The company offers a total solution for all financial processes, with over 40 international payment methods, a fully digitized invoicing system, digital direct debit for B2B and B2C, gift card solutions and subscription management services.

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