CryptoCrunch - member's quarterly market review

CryptoCrunch – member's quarterly market review

Investment firm CryptoCrunch, who have now rebranded as Maven 11 Capital, invest solely in blockchain and DLT-related ventures and have lent their expertise to a quarterly market overview.
They suggest that amidst the sporadic performances of crypto-assets this quarter, a key to navigating the fourth quarter is keeping a close eye on Bitcoin trading for increases in risk appetite and volume.
Furthermore, they explain why they foresee significant growth potential in Ethereum despite a notable third quarter loss. Turning their eye to Tether’s ‘crash’, they explain why this could be a positive for the market overall, showing improved fundamental health and a move towards diversifying investment and reducing risk exposure. This is complemented by the SEC’s new FinHub helpdesk, and the entrance of institutional investors lead by Fidelity Investments.
Overall, the blockchain mavens have become more bullish on the market owing to improvements in fundamental market health, and are planning for an eventual market recovery.

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