Cryptomining unthrones ransomware as 2018's #1 cybersecurity threat

According to Mid-year Threat Report Update of Webroot, cryptomining has replaced ransomware’s place as the top cybersecurity threat in 2018. 
The report analyses the data from the first half of 2018, and the bottom line of the observations is that implementing a robust, effective, multi-layered, and evolving security approach is pertinent to protecting data and systems.
Tylor Moffit, senior threat research analyst at Rebroot, comments: “Cybercriminals display an amazing ability to adapt to maximize their profits. Businesses need to adopt the same nimble mindset toward their cybersecurity. They need to continually reassess risks, adopt a multi-layered approach, and, ultimately, educate their employees about the latest threats on an ongoing basis.”
Cryptomining, or cryptojacking, is a relatively new term referring to the use of software programs and malware components to take advantage of a device’s resources illegally with minimal criminal footprint, in order to use them for cryptocurrency mining.
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