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Five Degrees shares insights on digital banking platform

Martijn Hohman, CEO of Five Degrees, is reported to have discussed on and revealed his insights about digital banking platform.
Martjin Hohman talked to Fintech Finance for a brief interview. He initially states ”Today, you should realize that banks need to be open.” He continues, ”It’s so hard to be open on one side, and extremely secure on the other side. If you still have the technology of the last few decades, that’s a hard game to play. First of all, I think it’s important that banks stay reliable and secure, and at the same time be open to all technologies they can use to enhance customer experience, increase efficiency, and live up to the latest regulations that are being forced upon banks.”
Headquartered in the Netherlands, Iceland, Portugal and Serbia, Five Degrees is a digital banking technology provider providing a single intelligent platform. Matrix, the digital core banking platform of the company, offers functionalities that any modern financial services operation needs independent of their client segments, products and services, such as  digital banking solutions, including complete customer access, and PSD2 and GDPR regulation support.

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