Innopay focuses on open and collaborative data sharing

Innopay focuses on open and collaborative data sharing

Innopay, industry leader in payments, digital identity, and e-business consultancy, has recently published an article titled “Collaborative data sharing drives digital transformation”.

The article discusses the focus of the company from the perspective of Mariane ter Veen, director, lead data sharing, on assisting clients to formulate strategic responses to an ecosystem getting more and more based on collaboration. “Data sharing is in INNOPAY’s DNA,” she states. She further goes on to describe the company’s view on sharing data in safe environments:

“We see a world where trusted data exchange is the key to unlocking new business models and reducing costs. Companies are presented with a choice about how they see their future. They can evolve, adopt a more open outlook, collaborate across their ecosystems, and maximise new opportunities. Or they can remain siloed, reject opportunities to share data in trusted environments, and gradually calcify into irrelevance. The regulated financial world with e.g. payments and securities is an early manifestation of this ecosystems thinking. We believe that digitisation will drive much more of this or we’ll end up in a fragmented services world. For transaction services this is not practical and holds back the potential of the digital economy.”

Access the complete article here.

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