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Research At A Glance: Week 47

2018 FINTECH100 Leading Global Fintech Innovators

by H2 Ventures& KPMG Global Fintech

This report presents a list of 2018’s most innovative fintechs from around the world featuring 36 countries, considering creation of products and services at the juncture of technology and financial services who are seeking to disrupt the existing processes and products that dominate the marketplace. The core selective factors include average annual capital raised, rate of recent capital rising, geographic diversity, sectoral diversity, and X-factor; that being, the degree of product, service and business model innovation.

e-Conomy SEA 2018 Southeast Asia’s internet economy hits an inflection point

by Google& Temasek

This paper engages the reader with the current state of the internet economy in Southeast Asia. The paper illustrates that the region’s internet economy hit an inflection point in 2018, and is powered by industries like e-commerce, online media, online travel, and ride hailing grew at an unprecedented rate. The paper further presents key figures of the region’s internet economy.

Supporting fintechs in engaging with financial institutions – Guide

BSI Group

This extensive research presents a guide to fintechs on the terms and approach used by financial instutitions for collaboration and commercialisation of new fintech propositions. It aims to provide a framework that will allow fintechs to better prepare for and confirm that they are ready to engage with a large financial institution.

FinTech in the Nordics A Deloitte review

by Deloitte

This report provides a deep look into the Nordic fintech market. Focusing on Nordic fintech start-ups who have received funding since January 2014, the report presents the growth of the market, what drives the fintech trend, how those startups position themselves towards the traditional players, how traditional players respond, and how regulation catches up with the developments. Finally, the report adopts a cautious future-looking approach and presents a few predictions on the drivers of the development of the Nordic fintech market and how those drivers differ.

Impact of fintech and digitalisation on the Belgian banking sector and its supervision

by National Bank of Belgium

This report summarises the results of a fintech survey conducted by the National Bank of Belgium in 2017-2018, aiming to raise awareness on the risks and opportunities of fintech, to share knowledge about the state of development of fintech in the Belgian banking industry, and to provide support in dealing with the challenges that fintech may pose for existing institutions. Presenting the results of a survey on a sectoral level, the report further gives insight into the general impact of fintech on the banking sector’s preparedness for the challenges and opportunities related to the fintech solutions and business models, and how banks are positioning themselves in the face of such trends.

Report on Strong, Sustainable, Balanced, And Inclusive Growth

by G-20

This extensive research analyses the state of G-20 economies against a background where considerations such as sustainable growth, global imbalances, and financial vulnerabilities prevail. The research further advises about policies to rebuild buffers and ensure lasting and widely-shared growth.

The trajectory of transactions: Corporate development teams transform to drive bank growth


This report presents a 2018 review of the deal-making practices and state of corporate development teams among the world’s leading banks. Data collected through interviews with the heads of corporate development/ M&A teams of major banks across the globe is used to gain insights into the growth agenda of banks, their M&A strategy, their views on fintech, and more.

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