Signicat announces its electronic signing solution

Signicat announces its electronic signing solution

Signicat announced on 7 November 2018 that it will be offering an electronic singing product, particularly suited for B2B interactions.

The product enables a flexible and secure B2B document signing process which minimises the time spent for manual operations, while enabling the signature evidence to remain in the same document. The product also allows the signed document to be forwarded a sign order internally within the organisation by document recipients. This allows attaining multiple signatures in cases no single party is authorised to sign alone. In addition, Signicat Business Signature facilitates additional checks of business registers guaranteing that the organisation is the correct legal entity, and the signatory has the right to act on the behalf of the organisation.

While sharing the details of the product, Gunnar Nordseth, CEO of Signicat, remarks that “businesses are increasingly looking to take advantage of consumer technology to drive efficiency and to improve manual processes, and the move to e-signatures are a logical step. By doing away with physical documentation and enabling instant contract signing, Signicat is helping to enable digital transformation across Europe,”

Headquartered in Norway, Signicat is a market leading digital identity and service provider in Europe. The company has been providing online trust based e-ID and e-signature solutions to the public and private sector globally since its foundation in 2006.

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