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Virtual Affairs helps create digital onboarding for Famed

Virtual Affairs, Famed, a financial services provider in the healthcare industry, and a host of other companies came together to create a completely digital factoring onboarding process for health care providers. According to a press release, onboarding can be done within seven minutes as opposed to the previous mark of 57 days.

Virtual Affairs, which assists a client base of mainly insurance companies and banks with digitisation, worked with Famed to iron out the finer points of the onboarding process.

Robin Peters, managing partner at Virtual Affairs, remarks that the company was not involved in software development, although it usually does play a role in this area. “We thought we were not the right partner, given existing technology and available budget” says Peters, “and the result is incredible: now, onboarding takes seven minutes, where in the past it took 57 days!”

Virtual Affairs created an overview of client and business needs and established a process to reduce onboarding times.

“A lot of work went into simplifying the onboarding process for Famed,” Peters says, including a thorough review of the company’s past process, and validation of its product proposition and new onboarding mechanism. In terms of the latter concern, Famed tested the proposition with potential users and within its organisation.

From the above process, “we designed and prepared the new digital customer flows and the interaction design, including the required third-party interaction and integration, like with [a partner in building the tool]”. This design, he says, was used for further user testing, and based on user feedback, “we optimised the concept, the prototype, and applied the Famed look and feel to it”.

Virtual Affairs also helped with developing copy for the process and graphic design.

The project took around one year to build.

Besides,, Forque, Immense, and Vektis also contributed to the project.

by Elliot Lyons, Research Analyst 

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