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NEOS Direct Lending partners with Othera

NEOS Direct Lending partners with Othera to onboard SME borrowers and digitise the lending underwriting, settlement and servicing process.

Othera is one of the few blockchain software providers which offers enterprise grade technology and a revolutionary approach to delivering greater loan liquidity and transparency across the entire loan lifecycle. The platform allows stakeholders to view a loan’s history and a digital asset’s full provenance; enabling visibility of events such as repayment history and underlying security.

The combination of digitisation and automation is what appeals to NEOS Direct Lending says CEO Quirijn Haak: “From borrower onboarding through to the creation and sale of digital assets; the entire process will be completed much quicker when compared with traditional loan underwriting processes and we will be in a position to become ever more sophisticated in delivering an attractive investment universe to market.” Utilising this groundbreaking approach to lending and loan sales will set NEOS apart from its competitors.

About NEOS Direct Lending

Since its foundation in 2012, NEOS Direct Lending has proven to be an innovative financing partner to many companies over the last few years. The company has empowered over 130 businesses, and they have happily saw them standing out and achieving their goals. The company believes in winners in every sector, and whether driving innovation, growth, acquisitions or mergers, they have the right solution tailored to business needs. The team consists of a seasoned group of professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds.

NEOS Direct Lending was recently appointed advisor to Dutch Growth; a €1bn joint venture and the largest private SME lending program in Europe backed by KKR and Schroders. NEOS Direct Lending is well positioned to become a force in the transforming business loan industry working closely with its vastly expanding European sourcing network. More information is available at:

About Othera
Othera is leading the way in the origination and digitisation of loans, and the creation and sale structured digital assets. Application of Othera’s blockchain and smart contract technology reduces costs and risk for both lenders and investors by increasing asset transparency and liquidity, and reducing transactional friction and fees. Othera’s re-imagination of end-to-end loan lifecycle management is delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of lenders, investors, asset managers and funders. More information is available at

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