Ohpen launches API portal to reduce IT implementation times

The cloud-based core banking provider claims the beta Ohpen API Portal (OAP) can reduce IT implementation times by up to 40%. The portal enables banks, insurers, and asset managers to easily build products and services, and generate and use code for mobile banking or online sites.
 Erick Drijkoningen, product development director at Ohpen, gave the following comment:

“Providing our clients with the ability to assemble blocks of API calls that they can easily integrate in their own applications, whether it is internet or mobile banking, just works. Time to market of new releases, adding extra functionalities, or deploying a whole new investment or savings bank can now be done much faster and better improving reliability – all to the benefit of the retail customer.”

The Portal features a sandbox on its development console, which acts as a place where  companies can build and test technical processes.
Ohpen API Portal also syncs with its Ohpen Platform.

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