Rabobank and Nxchange launch alternative finance platform for SMEs

Rabo&Crowd offers SMEs access to a tradable bond platform for loan financing. The service brings together bank loans and funding from private investors via the next-generation stock exchange’s platform.
Investors looking to invest via the platform can start with as little as EUR 100, buying bonds on Nxchange, and can sell bonds before their expiration dates.
Businesses using Rabo&Crowd for financing can issue short and long-term bond loans, with the minimum application amount for the platform being EUR 200,000. The bonds can be bought and sold on the secondary market after they are issued.
Rabo&Crowd is currently in the pilot phase, with retail credit provider Billink being its first customer. Billink has issued EUR 700,000 in bonds.
Executive vice president of strategy and innovation at Rabobank, Marcel Gerritsen, noted that the bank was seeing increasing demand for alternative finance solutions amongst SMEs, and the bank gained further inspiration for the venture through Rabo&Crowd. Here, high net worth individuals can jointly invest in businesses with Rabobank.

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