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Research At A Glance: Week 48

Financial Regulator Development Focus 
by Sherman & Sterling 
This snapshot is an overview of European and global financial regulatory developments. In particular, it explores the legality and effects of Brexit, an updated MiFID2 suitability briefing and the exploration by three central banks of issuing Central Bank Digital Currencies.
Is Open Banking open for business?
The research compiled in this report details the current landscape surrounding the open banking wave, reporting which services and under what conditions SMEs are receptive to open banking. It further highlights what SMEs are expecting from open banking, and the successful models breaking into the market.
Cryptocurrency and its susceptibility to speculative bubbles, manipulation, scams and fraud
This paper explores the varied differences between cryptocurrencies and more traditional financial assets, as it determines that an indeterminate intrinsic value has led to irrational price movements. It also contrasts the emphasis on blockchain’s ‘security’ with current regulations to dissect how and why there is persistent scams, fraud and manipulation.
Credit Disrupted: Digital MSME Lending in India
by Omiydar Network and BCG 
Focusing on the India lending market, this report’s finding has further significance as it details the disruption caused by fintech in a rapidly digitizing economy. Noting that previously MSMEs had limited and expensive access to investment, the findings highlight that partnership between fintech adoption and traditional finance is providing the greatest benefits in business lending.
SWIFT Institute Annual Report 2018: Bridging the Gap between the Financial Industry and Academia
Overviewing the recently-published and currently-in-progress academic studies into fintech, this paper is able to provide a summarised insight into academic perception of financial technologies and their adoption. It also highlights key findings and outcomes from fintech summits and conferences. The paper culminates in an outline of fintech developments likely to become more prominent, and the academic research that should be conducted to better understand the technology and its applications.
India Banking Fraud Survey
by Deloitte
This survey details the trends confronting the Indian banking sector, and the issues the sector may have to navigate in the coming years. Concluding that fraud and cybercrime are on the rise, and current preventative techniques are lagging, the report signposts AI and wider technology as keys to maintaining anti-fraud compliancy and effectiveness.
Serving the Underserved: How open banking can unlock the R446 billion informal sector in South Africa       
by Lipis Advisors and IQbusiness
This report seeks to uncover the informal economy in South Africa, consisting of those firms operating without or with insufficient formal arrangements. It encourages the adoption of open banking practices to improve access to formal financial services such as business accounts and insurance. This is pegged as allowing this ‘informal’ economy to formalise and flourish itself, as well as better serving those financially excluded.

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