Research At A Glance: Week 49

Diversity & Inclusion in Tech: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs
by Atomico
This report serves as a pragmatic and actionable guide for the tech, promoting diversity and inclusion. In five parts, it describes the process of changing behaviours and attitudes towards diversity and inclusion, prompting the type of questions companies should be asking to respond to the needs of employees, customers, investors, and the wider world.
The 3rd Asia Pacific Region Alternative Finance Industry Report
by KPMG& Invesco& CME Group Foundation
This extensive research sketches the developments of alternative finance based on the performance of local enterprises, including operation, management, and risk management, through studying more than 30 countries in Asia Pacific. It reveals opportunities and directions for the future development of alternative finance, aiming to provide useful insights for both policy makers and practitioners, and help create a better market and policy environment.
InsurTech Rising: A Profile of the InsurTech Landscape
by Capgemini
As a resource for insurance industry participants, policymakers, and regulators, this report explores issues and questions related to the future of insurtech. The report adopts an in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of the insurtech ecosystem, including profiling more than 100 insurtech platforms operating around the world.
Cyber-resilience: Range of practices
by Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Bank for International Settlements
This extensive research identifies, describes and compares the range of observed bank, regulatory, and supervisory cyber-resilience practices across jurisdictions. In this document, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision relies on input from its member jurisdictions in response to a survey conducted by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) in April 2017.
Is the era of the technology Wild Wild West over?
by DLA Piper
This study analyses the perceptions and attitudes on European technology growth regarding market developments, shifts in the financial regulatory landscape and government policies designed to spur business innovation in an increasingly uncertain and disruptive world. The study elaborates on cloud computing, talent scarcity, cybersecurity, fintech, big data, and digital transformation.

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