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Research At A Glance: Week 50

In search of customers who love their bank. Customer loyalty in retail banking: global edition 2018
by Bain & Company
This report investigates how consumers perceive banking through online surveys across the globe. Acknowledging that banks are under attack from many quarters, the report highlights a number of interesting insights including the elements of value that matter in retail banking, how some banks are winning in payments, and what banks can do to increase loyalty and improve their economics.
Financial Inclusion for Workers: Including a Gender Lens Findings from HERfinance Kenya
by BSR & IDH
This research aims to shed light on the importance of integrating a gender lens into financial inclusion programs and to provide practical recommendations on how to do so. It looks specifically at women and men employed by large-scale farms in Kenya’s flower and tea sectors, drawing on findings from a scoping study conducted as part of HERfinance’s expansion to Kenya.
Industry Perspectives on the Evolution of EMV Payment Tokenization
by Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
This paper looks at the state of the payment tokenization industry since the introduction of technical specifications for end-to-end payment tokenization in 2014. Although the paper centres payment tokenization, it also touches upon tokenization being used to secure customer data and the growing need for multiple solutions to secure payment data.
What will be the trends in payments next season?
by BBVA Research
Compiling three different payment reports of major consultant firms (Capgemini, The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey) this paper summarises the vital outcomes of those reports, which confirm the central role of payments as one of the main points of interaction and engagement with customers and one of the activities where increased innovation is taking place.
2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study
by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
This extensive report analyses significant developments in the global cryptoasset ecosystem that have occurred since the publication of the centre’s initial benchmarking study of cryptocurrencies in April 2017. The report provides a comparative global snapshot of rapidly developing ecosystems impacting the incumbent financial system. The data is collected from more than 180 entities in 47 different countries.
Removing RoadBlocks: The New Road of Fintech
by MagnaCarta & Klarna
This report examines the status of digital financial services and the role of traditional financial institutions and fintechs in providing consumers with secure, easily accessible and value-for-money services and products. The data is collected via a survey of 5,000 professionals within banking, financial services and fintech across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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