APICIL Group, Odysseus Alternative Ventures launch EUR 10 million insurtech fund

APICIL is a France-based company providing social protection services, while Odysseus Alternative Ventures (OAV) is the VC and private equity arm of Reech Corporations Group. The two entities announced what is their first insurtech fund, Insurtech Capital 1, on 11 December.
The fund will invest in early stage French and European start-ups developing new tech, business models, and delivery methods in insurance.
Ultimately, the fund seeks to scale alongside insurance companies in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and the Netherlands that are looking for exposure to insurtech.
Philippe Barret, director general at APICIL, along with being enthusiastic about the fund, notes that it “will enable us to participate actively in the growth and development of the start-up ecosystem in France and across Europe”.
Minh Q. Tran, OAV CEO, says that his company’s unique approach to investing “is an attractive way to allow investors meaningful access to the superior returns that are available to those who can successfully identify the future disruptors across a range of financial and technology related businesses”.

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