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Blockchain mavens discuss adoption trends for 2019

Amsterdam-based blockchain experts at Maven 11 Capital have forecast the year to come for DLT, as they cast aside cryptocurrency price fluctuations to uncover the 5 top developments expected to pervade the industry in 2019. 

Citing unscalable technology and complex interfaces as current barriers to mass adoption, the mavens expect 2019 to herald in an increase in real usage in markets, headlined by blockchain wallet ownership.
Their next predication is upsetting the irony of most crypto-exchanges being centralised despite fundamentally aiming to disrupt centralised financial services, by welcoming increased market share for decentralised exchanges.

After years of shouldering the hype of a sub-sector, cryptocurrency popularity has been earmarked to convert from utility tokens to security tokens and stablecoins, a trend we saw emerge in 2018.
As certain countries continue to be subjected to poor monetary policy and hyperinflation, Maven 11’s analysts see these nations as prime testing grounds for wider adoption of cryptocurrencies as stores of value.

Finally, as uncertain regulation clouded many sub-sectors over the past years, they expect to see this combatted by active regulators cleansing the industry and clarifying loopholes such as disguising security issuance under ICOs to evade regulations.

Read the entire discussion here, including an additional prediction courtesy of Maven 11.

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