Ohpen migrates 400K+ Aegon accounts to its core banking engine

Cloud-based, core banking engine provider Ohpen migrated the international insurance, pension, and asset management company’s saving and investment accounts.
The migration took place in December, 2018.
Ohpen and Aegon decided to migrate a portion of the latter’s services in the Netherlands to Ohpen’s core banking engine in order to lay the foundation for a future-proof structure.
Chris Zadeh, Ohpen’s founder and former CEO, remarked that:

“Ohpen has developed its cloud-based core banking engine from scratch to ensure that the technology and processes actually work, all the time. Even after migrations of this size. Retail banks, insurance companies and asset managers should focus on offering the best solution to consumers and leave the rest to us.”

Zadeh, as of 1 January,  also stepped down as CEO of Ohpen, but will stay with the fintech as board chairman.

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