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Research At A Glance: Week 2

B2B Payments strategy: Everything you need to know about the payment process in B2B eCommerce
by Buckaroo
This white-paper delves into the shifting paradigm of B2B payments. Juxtaposed with the digital shopping trends seen in consumer purchases, this paper notes the similarities and differences with B2B payments, and details the considerations and options informing “the ideal B2b payment strategy”.
Regulating cryptocurrencies: assessing market reactions
by BIS
Can crypto regulation be effective, especially since it can function without institutional backing and transcend borders? This research sheds light on this question by looking at whether and how regulatory actions and communications about crypto affect crypto markets.
FinTech: Regulatory sandboxes and innovation hubs
Regulatory sandboxes and innovation hubs in the EU have been established to spur financial innovation thorough collaboration with regulatory authorities in a safe environment and act as a central point of advice. This report sets out a comparative analysis of these entities. Read more
The Innovation Game: Escaping Legacy with New Technology
by Finextra and Finastra
Banks’ customers expect the same level of convenience and agility from banks as they do from other digital providers, like fintechs and bigtechs, but banks’ core legacy systems get in the way. This paper, among other things, gives a rundown of the state legacy banking and examples of how to use technologies like cloud and APIs to aid digital transformation.
Blockchain and the GDPR
by EBA
GDPR and blockchain are two entities that mark our times, and this papers argues that blockchain, although decentralised and seemingly at odds with GDPR, can be used for GDPR compliance.
Report with advice for the European Commission on Crypto-assets
by EBA
This report presents the result of a year-long look into crypto assets. Among its findings were that the EU may need to adopt pan-European laws for crypto assets because although many crypto-asset activities fall outside current EU laws, leaving it up to individual states could cause regulatory arbitrage, where firms choose to set up in states that have looser regulations but can still sell to the wider EU through passporting rules.

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